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President Obama’s statement that many of our military families will spend the holidays together is welcome news to all Americans. I commend the President for a promise made and a promise kept, honoring the U.S.-Iraq Security Agreement and the wishes … Continue reading

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While some are using every means to undermine patients’ rights, we will continue to strongly oppose efforts by those who want to put insurance companies back in charge of health care, instead of patients and doctors. Just today, the Department … Continue reading

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Today, our armed forces are one step closer to upholding the values of fairness and civil rights for all Americans. With the actions of President Obama, Secretary Panetta, and Admiral Mullen, the discriminatory ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy will soon … Continue reading

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Today House Republicans abruptly announced plans to bring to the floor their so-call “cut, cap and balance” plan – yet another outrageous ploy to advance their ideological agenda that ends Medicare while protecting tax breaks for Big Oil and companies … Continue reading

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Forty years ago, our nation opened the doors of democracy to millions of Americans. By extending the right to vote – the most fundamental right of a citizen in a democratic society – to Americans age 18 and older, we … Continue reading

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Tonight, President Obama made it clear: we are now beginning the process of bringing our troops home and ending the war in Afghanistan. It has been the hope of many in Congress and across the country that the full drawdown … Continue reading

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Today, the NLRB proposed commonsense reforms that are a step toward ensuring fairness for workers as they exercise their fundamental right to decide whether to join a union. The current process has stacked the deck against workers; today’s proposal brings … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day, we honor those who gave their lives so we can be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Throughout our history, the members of our armed forces have fought to establish a nation, … Continue reading

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Our men and women in uniform fight abroad so we can know safety and security at home. Yet when they return from war and re-enter civilian life, too many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines find it difficult to translate skills … Continue reading

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Since the first Earth Day 41 years ago, Americans have come together on this occasion to improve the air we breathe and the water we drink. In recent years, we have celebrated Earth Day with the climate crisis first in … Continue reading

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