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A similar version of this memo went out today in the following 30 districts represented by Republican Members of Congress who have stated their support for comprehensive immigration reform, but have not signed the #DemandAVote discharge petition calling for a … Continue reading

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GOP Has Held to Strategy Despite Polls Showing Large Majority of  Americans Oppose Shutting Down the Government Over Affordable Care Act Over the last three weeks, the House GOP Leadership has continued to cling to and defend their strategy to … Continue reading

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As the Republican Government Shutdown enters its first full week in effect, House Republicans are beginning to point fingers… at each other.  GOP Rep. Peter King (R-NY) laid the blame squarely at the feet of his own party: “I’ve been … Continue reading

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In an interview with George Stephanopoulos this morning, Speaker Boehner said: Speaker Boehner.  There are not the votes in the House to pass a clean CR. Mr. Stephanopoulos.  Are you sure that’s true? The Democrats say they have 195 Democrats … Continue reading

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There they go again.  As the nation inches closer to making affordable, quality health care available to millions of Americans, House Republicans have put both feet on the accelerator to shut down the government and are teetering on the edge … Continue reading

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2013 Budget Timeline: No Regular Order, Just More GOP Obstruction & Manufactured Crises Republicans have refused to negotiate with congressional Democrats and President Obama all year; when the American people ask how we got to this point on the budget, … Continue reading

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The recent unauthorized disclosures of classified intelligence collection activities has generated renewed debate about balancing our responsibility to protect Americans from harm and the need to protect Americans’ privacy and civil liberties.  Striking the right balance has been a long-standing … Continue reading

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