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From the Education and Labor Committee: MSHA Needs to be Held Accountable to Enforce Mine Safety Laws, Witnesses Tell the Education and Labor Committee WASHINGTON, D.C. — Promises made to coal miners and their families to improve mine safety have … Continue reading

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Today, the House will consider HR 1538, the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act. The bill addresses the problems brought to light at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other military health care facilities by improving access to quality medical care, beginning … Continue reading

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The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is currently holding a hearing: “Allegations of Misconduct at the General Services Administration.” The hearing will inquire about allegations that GSA Administrator Lurita Doan failed to follow proper procedures for awarding federal contracts, … Continue reading

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The House has just passed H.R. 1401, the Rail and Mass Transit Security Act of 2007, by a vote of 299-124, with one Member voting present. This bill is designed to close the security gaps facing rail and mass transit … Continue reading

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The Financial Services Committee has just concluded yet another hearing related to Hurricane Katrina and our government’s response to natural disaster: “Perspectives on Natural Disaster Insurance.” See witness list >> Rep. Gene Taylor (MI-04) gives opening remarks as a witness … Continue reading

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A Republican Budget Committee document, highlighted by conservative media with no scrutiny, has contended that the Democratic budget we are considering in the House this week raises taxes on the American people. In fact, they claim it proposes the largest … Continue reading

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An announcement: House Judiciary Subcommittees Address Executive Branch Power Crime and Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittees hold hearings to investigate the use of Presidential Pardons and Executive Branch Accountability (Washington, DC)- The House Judiciary Committee announced that two subcommittees will … Continue reading

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The Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, chaired by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14), is currently holding a hearing: “Subprime and Predatory Mortgage Lending: New Regulatory Guidance, Current Market Conditions and Effects on Regulated Financial Institutions.” See witness … Continue reading

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Speaker Pelosi released the following statement on H.R. 580, Restoring Checks and Balances in the Confirmation Process of U.S. Attorneys, which passed by a vote of 329 to 78: House Bill Restores Constitutional Checks and Balances in Appointment of Interim … Continue reading

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Right now the House is considering H.R. 580, Interim Appointment of U.S. Attorneys. This bill, introduced by Rep. Howard Berman (CA-28), is designed to help better ensure the independence of U.S. Attorneys — by repealing a provision in a 2006 … Continue reading

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