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Last week, Speaker Boehner claimed that “the price of gasoline is driven by two factors. It’s driven by supply and it’s driven by demand.” Right now we’re seeing high gas prices across the country, but it’s not because of supply … Continue reading

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On International Women’s Day, we mark progress made for women and the work still to be done. We celebrate equality secured and shine a light on the dark corners where inequality remains the norm. We honor the suffragettes who reached … Continue reading

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When the American auto industry was on the brink of collapse in December of 2008, Democrats took action to support the industry that saved American jobs, strengthened manufacturing, and spurred innovation.  And now, American automakers are boasting their best sales … Continue reading

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Unlimited, secret special interest money has been influencing campaigns around the country following the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, and the top three Members of the House Republican leadership are on record supporting transparency: Speaker John Boehner: I think what … Continue reading

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