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Apparently House Republicans are torn between offering an “aspirational” budget – read: a partisan agenda with no chance of getting signed into law – and sticking with their well-worn politics of obstruction and dead-end attacks on the Affordable Health Care … Continue reading

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Just now Speaker Boehner pointed his finger at President Obama for the Congress’ lack of legislative action: “We see more and more that the President has no interest in doing the big things he was elected to do…” This is … Continue reading

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Americans need a government that is willing to work overtime to address the nation’s priorities – not the Republican ‘hibernating Congress.’ More than 1.9 million long-term unemployed Americans have lost the critical benefits that allow them to make ends meet … Continue reading

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Yesterday, the CBO released a report highlighting the clear economic benefits of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour including lifting nearly one million Americans out of poverty, giving a pay raise to almost 25 million people and helping … Continue reading

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A little over a week ago, Speaker Boehner and the House Republican Conference released their so-called ‘principles’ for immigration reform.  Just days later, however, Boehner showed the emptiness of the Republican commitment to reform by blaming President Obama and his … Continue reading

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In the shadow of the House Republican fixation with women’s health, their endless votes to repeal and undermine the Affordable Care Act, and their refusal to advance any economic agenda that would benefit America’s working women and their families – … Continue reading

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In the wake of a new CNN Poll showing Americans overwhelmingly support a pathway to citizenship, Former Secretary of State Colin Powell – a top Republican – had this to say about passing comprehensive immigration reform on MSNBC today: “If … Continue reading

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House Republicans have invested so much effort and time attempting to undermine and repeal the patient protections and budget savings included in the Affordable Care Act, they don’t even recognize GOP-supported goals when face-to-face with them. Yesterday, the CBO projected … Continue reading

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