2007 vs. 1995

The Democratic Caucus has produced this chart comparing the first year of the Democratic Congress to the first year of the Republican Congress:

Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel also issued the following statement after President Bush's press conference this morning:

“In 2007, Congress brought change to Washington, but President Bush's veto pen prevented the kind of significant change our country needs. Rather than usher in support for new sources of energy, the President's veto pen prolonged our addiction to oil. Rather than give 10 million children the health care they deserve, the President's veto pen left millions of kids uninsured. And rather than hold Iraqis accountable for Iraq, Bush's veto pen ensured the American military and taxpayers continue to bear the cost of the war. 2008 can be a year of big change if President Bush joins us in preparing for the future, rather than defending the failed policies of the past.”

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