I Didn't Hear Anything New

Blog For Our UnionWe have so many challenges facing our nation — a reeling housing market, a slumping economy, and the ongoing war in Iraq – yet, I didn't hear anything new from the President tonight on these issues.

In California, more than 31,600 residents have lost their homes to foreclosure in the past three months, including nearly 650 families in the 32nd district. My constituents are looking for relief and for an American economy that works for all workers. The bi-partisan stimulus package is a beginning, but we must do more.

I also wanted to hear that the White House was going to take further significant steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Last year I traveled to Germany and saw firsthand how that country is taking bold steps to reduce emissions. It's time for America to take the leading role in this effort.

Finally, I wanted to hear a plan for how to change course in Iraq and hold Iraqis responsible for their own country's progress. This weekend I will join veterans from the 32nd Congressional District for the renaming of a post office in honor of St. Atanacio Haro-Marin, the first soldier killed in Iraq from Baldwin Park. We must not forget the thousands of lives that have been lost during the past five years and the thousands more wounded.

I'm proud that the 110th Congress has begun to move America in a New Direction. I wish President Bush would join us.

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