On the War in Iraq

Blog For Our UnionIn just a few weeks, we will mark the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq. Five years later, the political and economic situation on the ground has changed little, while the rest of the world, including the United States, has changed significantly.

The President continues to ignore the bigger picture in Iraq. It is not a question of what happens to Iraq if we leave; it's a question of what happens to America if we stay. It's a question of whether America can afford to continue spending $343 million every day in Iraq, while growing our national debt by nearly $1 million every minute. Our children should not have to foot the bill for this Administration's mistakes.

I make routine visits to our troops in the field and to those recovering at our military hospitals. I'm inspired by their service and dedication to this great country. The President should use his last year in office to do what the American people want: begin a responsible redeployment from Iraq, rebuild our military, and begin to restore America's image and credibility throughout the world.

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