The President Needs to Abandon His Partisan Ways

Blog For Our UnionThe determination and will of the American people is strong and resolute, however the bleak state of our economy and the over-burdensome strains being placed on our military personnel and their families are disheartening.

With unemployment numbers rising, our housing markets plummeting and the stock market sagging, now is the time for the President to work with the New Direction Congress in a more cooperative manner to remedy the fiscal ills plaguing America.

I'm pleased with the first steps we've made this year to reach agreement with the President on an economic stimulus package. If passed by the Congress and signed into law, this bipartisan stimulus package will provide critical relief to many Americans struggling to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, the President has been reluctant to work hand in hand with Democrats on other important issues affecting our nation such as national security. It is imperative that President Bush undo the indefinite mandate he has unfairly thrust upon our brave troops fighting to defend our freedoms abroad. His policies have led to an alarming weakness in troop readiness among our Armed Forces. With American fatalities in Iraq reaching record highs last year, it is time for the President to work with Democrats in redeploying our troops to focus on fighting terrorism and protecting our country.

In order for our stagnant economy to once again become robust, our brave soldiers to once again be reunited with their loved ones, and our country to move in a New Direction, the President needs to abandon his partisan ways and join with Democrats in bringing change to this country.

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