On the Deaths of 4,000 American Soldiers in Iraq

Today, we mourn America’s fallen heroes; the deaths of 4,000 American soldiers is a grim reminder of the enormous cost of war in Iraq: the human cost. We honor those soldiers, America’s best and bravest who have paid the ultimate price, and pray for their families and loved ones.

With 4,000 American lives lost and thousands injured, many of them permanently, Americans are asking how much longer must our troops continue to sacrifice for the sake of an Iraqi government that is unwilling or unable to secure its own future.

Americans also understand that the cost of the war to our national security, military readiness and our reputation around the world is immense and that the threat to our economy — as the war in Iraq continues to take us deeper into debt — is unacceptable.

America wants a New Direction, not the continuation of the President’s plan for a 10-year, three trillion dollar war in Iraq.

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