Chairman Waxman Statement on EPA's Greenhouse Gas Decision

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From the Oversight Committee:

Chairman Waxman Statement on EPA's Greenhouse Gas Decision

WASHINGTON, DC — Today Chairman Henry A. Waxman released the following statement in response to a letter from EPA Administrator Johnson:

“This is a transparent delaying tactic and a major reversal of EPA's position. In December, Administrator Johnson found that CO2 emissions endanger the environment and proposed new standards for motor vehicles. Today's action repudiates those efforts.

“I sent a letter to Administrator Johnson on March 12, 2008, that described his December determinations and the extensive EPA effort that supported his actions. Shortly thereafter, Inside EPA reported that the Heritage Foundation circulated a memorandum to Senators urging them to call the White House. According to the memo from the Heritage Foundation, which Inside EPA released, Senators were urged to ask for 'EPA to issue an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking information on the issues involved in a CO2 endangerment finding and resulting carbon dioxide regulations and not make an endangerment finding.' This is precisely the action announced today.

“The Bush Administration is recklessly abandoning its responsibility to address the global warming crisis.”

Chairman Waxman's March 12, 2008, letter to Administrator Johnson; EPA Administrator Johnson's March 27, 2008, letter to Chairman Waxman; the Inside EPA article; and the memorandum posted by Inside EPA are available online at or can be e-mailed upon request.

· Letter from Administrator Johnson (pdf)
· Inside EPA Article (pdf)
· Memo Released by Inside EPA (pdf)

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