Caucus Chairman Emanuel on White House Opposition to Military Pay Raise

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From the Democratic Caucus:


Washington, D.C. — House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel issued the following statement after the White House announced that it “strongly opposes” Democratic efforts to provide troops with a 3.9 percent pay raise. This is the second year in a row that the White House has opposed Democrats' efforts to provide a more substantial pay raise to our troops. Emanuel's statement is below.

“One year later and nothing has changed: President Bush is still without a policy in Iraq and American troops are still without the full pay raise they deserve. The President says he supports the troops, but the resources don’t match his rhetoric.”

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Rep. Patrick Murphy (PA-08), the only Iraq veteran serving in Congress, spoke on the issue last year:

Rep. Murphy: “And yet, two weeks ago, President Bush said and I quote, ‘America should do what it takes to support our troops.’ The president criticizes the spending priorities of this Congress but stands in the way of a pay increase for our troops. I say the president should do what it takes to support our troops. This pay raise is long overdue and it is necessary and President Bush's opposition to it is simply unconscionable.”

Caucus Chairman Emanuel also noted the new GI bill in his recognition of Memorial Day:

“On Memorial Day, we honor those who have served our nation and have given the ultimate sacrifice. In Congress, we are working every day to honor our troops and our veterans with our words and our deeds. I am proud that Democrats have passed legislation that expands the GI bill so our courageous veterans can attend college when they come home and Democrats are continuing to fight to give our troops the pay raise they deserve. By strengthening the safety net for our troops and our veterans, Democrats are putting words into action and truly honoring the commitment and service of all our military servicemen and women.”

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