House Passes Final Supplemental

Posted on by Jesse Lee

The House has just passed the fiscal year 2008 supplemental. This version of the supplemental reflects an agreement that was reached yesterday by the House Democratic Leadership, the House GOP Leadership, and the White House. The proposal consisted of two amendments. Amendment #1 provides DOD funding of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as passed by the Senate on May 22, 2008, and passed by a vote of 268-155. Amendment #2 will fully restore GI Bill education benefits for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, provide extended unemployment benefits to Americans struggling in an economy on the brink of recession, provide urgently-needed disaster relief in the response to the floods and tornadoes in the Midwest, and block damaging Medicaid regulations. Amendment #2 passed by a vote of 416-12.

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Speaker Pelosi spoke against Amendment #1 and in favor of Amendment #2:

Speaker Pelosi: “The philosopher Hannah Arendt once said, she observed that nations are driven by the endless flywheel of violence believing that one last, one final violent gesture will bring peace. But, each time they sow the seeds for more violence. Five years later we are still engaged in the war in Iraq. Two years longer than we were in World War II. And that has come at a very great cost.”
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