Pelosi: McCain's Absent Leadership on Energy Doesn't Match His Rhetoric

Washington, D.C. — Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in response to calls from Senator McCain that Congress resume session to consider energy proposals:

“Senator McCain wants to call Congress back into session to vote on 'drill only' proposals that he knows full well will not provide immediate relief to consumers, and yet he was absent from the Senate during critical votes to cut subsidies for Big Oil, help consumers and promote renewables and conservation.

“The New Direction Congress will continue to demand that the President release oil from our nation's stockpile to provide immediate relief in 10 days, unlike the McCain-Republican-Big Oil plan that lowers prices at the pump by 2 cents in 10 years. Freeing a small amount of our oil from government stockpiles is the only immediate solution to the pain at the pump.

“John McCain could have been the deciding vote in favor of key energy initiatives, but instead he decided to stand by Big Oil. Senator McCain's absent leadership on energy independence doesn't match his rhetoric.”


McCain Only Senator to Miss Vote on Critical Renewable Energy Tax Incentive Package — Measure Defeated By One Vote

The package needed 60 votes under Senate rules to move forward but failed 58 to 41, with 8 Republicans joining 48 Democrats and 2 independents in support of it. McCain aides say he would have opposed the measure. [2008 Vote #8, 2/6/08, Failed 58-41, McCain Absent]

McCain Only Senator to Miss Vote to Repeal Tax Subsidies for Big Oil in Order to Fund Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy — Measure Defeated By One Vote

In 2007, John McCain was the only senator who failed to vote on a motion to limit debate on the 2007 energy bill that would have stripped tax cuts for oil companies to instead fund tax incentives for renewable energy. But the measure failed on a 59-40 vote, falling one vote shy of the 60 votes needed to end debate and move the bill forward.” McCain aides say he would have opposed ending debate. [2007 Vote #425, 12/13/07, McCain Absent]

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