Americans Want A Comprehensive Energy Plan: Alternative Energy Resources, More Fuel-Efficient Cars Top New Poll

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll released today shows the American people want a comprehensive energy policy that encourages investment in clean, renewable energy and increases our domestic supply. The Republican “Drill Only” approach is insufficient.

In fact, nearly two and half times as many people said more emphasis should be put on developing alternative energy sources (61 percent) than on exploring and drilling for more in the United States (25 percent).

Other Results from the Poll:

72 percent: developing alternative energy sources, such as solar energy and wind energy, will accomplish a great deal;
Only 3 percent describe this as the “wrong direction.”

64 percent: requiring cars be built to be more fuel efficient will accomplish a great deal;
Only 5 percent describe this as the “wrong direction.”

Less than half — 44 percent: expanding areas for drilling off the coast of the United States will accomplish a great deal;
27 percent describe this as the “wrong direction.”

Even fewer — 38 percent: opening environmentally protected areas in Alaska for oil and gas exploration will accomplish a great deal;
A nearly equal number, 33 percent, believe this would take America in the “wrong direction.”

The New Direction Congress supports an energy policy which includes a responsible domestic drilling program that ends royalty holidays for oil and gas companies that deprive taxpayers of revenue they deserve, ends subsidies for profit-rich oil companies, and requires Big Oil to drill the oil leases they already own.

A comprehensive strategy includes:

Requiring Big Oil to pay the billions of dollars they owe in royalties to invest in clean energy resources;

Creating a federal Renewable Electricity Standard;

Increasing the use of natural gas — and energy source which is abundant, clean, and cheap;

Reducing the price at the pump within 10 days, by releasing a small portion of the oil from the 700 million barrel national stockpile;

Expanding drilling in the Alaska oil reserve already designated for drilling;

Assessing our drilling options in the Outer Continental Shelf, with appropriate safeguards, and without taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil;

Cutting mass transit costs for commuters;

Combating undue and excessive speculation that plays a role in driving up the cost of oil.

The GOP energy plan: “None of the Above”

The New Direction Congress led by Democrats has offered real solutions to bring down energy costs, promote renewable fuels and energy efficiency, and promote oil production right here in America.

But Republican Leaders have voted NO each time:

Rep. John Boehner, Republican Leader
Rep. Roy Blunt, Republican Whip
Rep. Adam Putnam, Republican Conference Chairman
Rep. McCotter, Republican Policy Committee Chairman
Rep. Kay Granger, Republican Conference Vice Chair
Rep. John Carter, Republican Conference Committee Secretary
Rep. Tom Cole, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman
Rep. Eric Cantor, Republican Chief Deputy Whip
Rep. David Dreier, Rules Committee Ranking Republican
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