Debate on the Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act of 2007

Posted on by Jesse Lee

As noted earlier, today the House is debating a bill to speed up the repair and rebuilding of homes and affordable rental housing in areas affected by Katrina, Rita and Wilma, ensure continued rental assistance for both families that have moved back to their home areas and for families displaced by these hurricanes, and provide reimbursements to communities and landlords that were generous in providing assistance to hurricane evacuees in the aftermath of the storms.

Rep. Maxine Waters:
“Prior to the consideration of this bill the Committee on Financial Services held hearings on post-Katrina housing issues, followed by two days of subcommittee field hearings in New Orleans, Louisiana and Gulfport, Mississippi. The bill before you represents consensus on one major issue. That is, for the rebuilding process in the Gulf region to ever begin, we need to address the affordable housing crisis in the Gulf region by returning people to their homes.”
Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones:
“The people of this area are Americans just like everyone of us, and they need a place to live, they need to be able to bring their children back, they need to restore their culture that’s so rich, a part of the United States of America…”
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