Financial Services Committee Holding Hearing on Financial Regulation

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This morning, the Financial Services Committee is holding a hearing entitled, “The Future of Financial Services Regulation”:

The Committee will hold a hearing to address the need for broad regulatory restructuring and reform for the financial markets, including financial institution oversight and regulation, systemic risk, and housing finance. This is a continuation of two hearings held by the committee in July focused on regulatory restructuring and systemic risk, which the Committee heard from regulators.

This hearing will focus on the extent to which an outdated and weak regulatory system contributed to the current market turmoil and whether adoption of a stronger and more robust financial regulatory system could contribute to a more rapid recovery in the financial markets and the economy. Specifically, the hearings will examine:

Current state of the financial regulatory system, both in the United States and abroad, and ways to measure and limit risk without stifling innovations while improving market liquidity and breadth.

The implications of current governmental lending and support facilities for the regulatory structure.

Proposals to improve the regulatory structure to restore confidence in financial markets and institutions through a stronger system of regulation and oversight.

The need for enhanced capital and reserve requirements for financial firms.

The adequacy of current powers and coverage of the existing regulatory structure.

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Witness List & Prepared Testimony:

Panel One
The Honorable Alice M. Rivlin, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, Economic Studies, Director, Greater Washington Research Project, Brookings Institution
Dr. Joseph E. Stiglitz, Professor Columbia University
Mr. Joel Seligman, President, University of Rochester
The Honorable Manuel H. Johnson, JohnsonSmick International

Panel Two
The Honorable Steve Bartlett, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Financial Services Roundtable
Mr. Edward Yingling, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Bankers Association
Mr. T. Timothy Ryan, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
Mr. Mike Washburn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Red Mountain Bank on behalf of the Independent Community Bankers of America

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