Speaker Pelosi Recommends Rep. Zoe Lofgren to Chair House Ethics Committee

Posted on by Karina

Speaker Pelosi announced today that she will recommend Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) to chair the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee and the House Democratic Caucus, saying:

Congresswoman Lofgren has demonstrated tremendous leadership in her 15 years of service to the House of Representatives, including her eight years on the House Ethics Committee. With this appointment, she will hold Members of Congress to the highest ethical standard.

The 111th Congress will continue to restore accountability, honesty, and openness to the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. It is critical that Congress uphold ethical responsibility in their duty to serve the American people and Congresswoman Lofgren will oversee this process in a non-partisan and judicial manner.

Congresswoman Lofgren:

I’m honored to have been selected to chair the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. Having served for eight years as a member of the committee earlier in my Congressional tenure, I’ve seen firsthand the immensely important role it plays. Without the public’s trust and confidence, Government loses its legitimacy. The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct exists to ensure that the House of Representatives maintains that trust and confidence, and in turn its legitimacy.

The American people deserve a Congress that holds their interest above all others. I pledge to work in a bipartisan manner to ensure that the House of Representatives maintains the highest of ethical standards and holds the public interest above all.

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