Investing in Women and Children

Posted on by Karina

The recession has put a large strain on a great many American families, especially the millions of women and families who already were struggling to make ends meet. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, signed by President Obama on February 17, is designed to begin to turn our economy around and includes a number of key provisions that are especially important for women and children. This afternoon, the Democratic Women's Working Group held a roundtable to discuss the impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on women and children. Speaker Pelosi explained:

At the table, we had representatives for women in fields from construction to academics who teach nursing and who are grateful for what is in the legislation to promote the education of more nurses in our country. It's about job training, it's about helping small businesses — including millions of women-owned businesses — it's about unemployment assistance, education, nutrition assistance and health care.

The Democratic Women's Working Group released a report detailing provisions in the Recovery Act that affect women and children — including significant tax cuts for working women; major investments in health care, child care and early education; creation of hundreds of thousands of green jobs where women have new opportunities; support for small business owners; and major new investments to prevent teacher layoffs and other education cuts in states across the country. Read the report>>

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