A Budget Resolution Reflecting The President's Priorities

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Budget Chart On Cutting The Deficit In HalfToday, the House Budget Committee is marking up the Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 2010, incorporating the key principles of the President's budget – investing in education, health care and energy, giving a tax cut to 95 percent of the American people, and cutting the deficit in half by 2013 by making smart investments, cutting non-defense domestic discretionary spending to its lowest level in nearly half a century, and ending an era of irresponsibility and gimmicks.

Chairman Spratt’s (D-SC) opening remarks:

Chair Spratt:
“President Bush has left President Obama a hard hand to play – an economy in crisis and a budget in deep deficit – the deficit this year alone, according to OMB, by one trillion, seven hundred and fifty two billion dollars. President Obama has responded with a budget that meets that challenge head on. Today, we mark up a budget reflecting his major priorities.”

Rep. Andrews (D-NJ) explains the differences between the FY 2010 budget being marked up today and the Republican plan:

Rep. Andrews:
“The President has proposed, and under the Chairman’s leadership we support a budget that will grow the economy, do health care reform, and cut the deficit by more than half over the next five years. We’ve heard what the other side doesn’t want. They don’t want the President’s plan for job creation – no. They don’t want the President’s plan for health care – no. They don’t want the President’s plan for education – no. What do they want? I doubt very much they’ll propose it today for a vote.”

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