President Obama and New Direction Congress Are Committed to Restoring Fiscal Responsibility

I applaud President Obama's continued commitment to fiscal responsibility and share in his commitment to ensuring that taxpayer dollars are protected and spent wisely.

House committees are already conducting the hearings and reviews which I asked them to initiate in February in order to root out any waste, fraud, abuse or obsolescence in the budgets of the departments and agencies under their jurisdiction. These reviews are an essential part of our re-establishing pay-as-you-go budget controls and new House rules mandating regular committee hearings to root out government waste.

The fiscal legacy the President and Congress inherited has required an infusion of government investment to get our economy moving — and it is critical that we ensure a strong return on every public dollar spent, and that Americans have confidence that we are constantly reviewing government spending for all purposes. We cannot afford programs that do not work or government contracts that do not produce results.

President Obama and the New Direction Congress have made clear that we are committed to ending the era of fiscal irresponsibility that reigned in Washington for far too long. We will restore fiscal responsibility and hold tightly the purse strings of government to protect American taxpayers — and make only sound investments to grow our economy for a lasting and broadly shared prosperity for all our people.

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