Speaker Pelosi Meets With Hong Kong Democracy Leader Martin Lee

Posted on by Karina

Speaker Pelosi and the bipartisan congressional delegation met today with Martin Lee, a democracy leader who founded the Hong Kong Democratic Party, to discuss the status of democracy in Hong Kong:

Speaker Pelosi and Martin Lee

Martin Lee is the founding Chairman of the Democratic Party, Hong Kong’s largest and most popular political party. Prior to the founding of the party in 1994, Lee was Chairman of the United Democrats of Hong Kong — Hong Kong’s first political party — which won the first-ever democratic elections to the territory’s Legislative Council in 1991.

Speaker Pelosi:

I continue to be a strong supporter of the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ concept, as articulated in the Basic Law of Hong Kong, which gives the Hong Kong people a high degree of autonomy. The people of Hong Kong deserve the right to elect their own leaders, in accordance with the Basic Law.

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