Where Are The Jobs? A Quarter Million Education Jobs Already Created or Saved

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Congressional Republicans continue to make the false claim that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has not translated into local jobs. According to a preliminary report released by the White House and the Department of Education today, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has created or saved at least 250,000 education jobs across the country so far.

Last week, House Republican Leader John Boehner asked, “I've been asking the question over the past three or four months, 'where are the jobs?'”

Answer: At least a quarter of a million jobs are in our schools. Some examples of education jobs created included in today's report:

Peoria, IL: ARRA funds used to focus on “increasing the number of teaching positions and reducing class sizes in kindergarten, and at the first- and second-grade levels.”

Columbus, GA: “At the Rothschild Middle School…the principal was able use ARRA funds to hire more math teachers to deliver individualized attention to students through smaller classes.”

Maranacook, ME: “ARRA funds supported a regional center to provide enhanced services to students with severe autism and other learning disabilities, at lower cost to the school district.”

Knox County, TN: ARRA funds “enabled the district to increase the number of instructors that co-teach special education classes in its middle and high schools, while supporting needed training for teachers and aides who work with special education students.”

Black Horse Pike Regional School District, NJ: ARRA funds “helped support an in-house extended school year for special-education students who require expanded learning time.”

West Hartford, CT: ARRA funds are “being used to provide after-school math and reading help.”

Lafayette, IN: Schools are using ARRA funds to “extend the school day and year in two schools with the highest rates of poverty.”

Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK: Using ARRA funds to “provide additional reading and math coaches to students in low-performing schools.”

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