In the News: Americans Continue to Support Public Insurance Option, Lack Confidence in Republicans

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Public opinion polls have consistently found that Americans, including 73 percent of doctors, strongly support a public health insurance option to lower costs and keep insurance companies honest. A Washington Post/ABC News poll released yesterday found that nearly six out of ten Americans support the public option. In the news:

Washington Post – Public Option Gains Support:

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that support for a government-run health-care plan to compete with private insurers has rebounded from its summertime lows and wins clear majority support from the public… sizable majorities back two key and controversial provisions: both the so-called public option and a new mandate that would require all Americans to carry health insurance…

Wall Street Journal – Public Option Gets New Life in Senate:

Advocates contend a public plan would encourage lower premiums and better terms for consumers in many parts of the country that are dominated by a handful of major insurers. 'It gives some real competition, when many times there isn’t,' said Sen. Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.)…

The Washington Post/ABC News Poll also found nearly 8 in 10 Americans lack confidence in Republicans to make the right decisions for our country's future. The GOP is living up to its reputation as the ‘Party of No’:

Politico – GOP: Reform is bad politics:

…[F]or Democrats, this is all more of the same from a party that has been unwilling to work with the majority all year…Still, another aspect of the GOP strategy is seeking delays …one problem for the Republicans is that there is no unified approach to health care in the caucus.

Washington Times – GOP to Orchestrate Health Attacks:

House Republicans are planning an interest-group strategy to try to stop a health care bill and will spend the next three weeks arguing that the Democrats’ measure will be a bad deal for small businesses, senior citizens, and women and children…Time is running out for Republicans to derail the legislation as Democratic leaders in both chambers work to merge the three House bills and two Senate bills.

Roll Call – GOP Launches Strategy to Trip Up Health Bill:

Senate Republicans, acknowledging they lack the votes to block a health care reform bill outright, have implemented a comprehensive political strategy to delay, define and derail…

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