New AARP Survey Finds Strong Support for Affordable Health Care For America Act

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A new poll of AARP members released today finds strong support across party and ideological lines for key provisions in the Affordable Health Care for America Act, and its companion bill, the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act of 2009:

“This survey demonstrates what we've been hearing from our members for a long time,” said Nancy LeaMond, AARP Executive Vice President. “Despite an inflammatory debate on a very personal and important issue, our members–across party and ideological lines–support health care reform that protects Medicare, lowers the price of prescription drugs, increases their access to coverage and protects their choice of doctors.”

“The bill recently passed by the House incorporates the reforms that our members care most about,” said LeaMond.

Key findings:

AARP members supported the legislation by more than a 2-1 (63%-30%) margin. More than half of self-described independents indicated support for the plan.

Strong majorities of AARP members support key provisions in the Affordable Health Care for America Act including:

78 percent support ensuring Americans can keep their current coverage

77 percent support improving coverage for critical preventive services like cancer screenings

76 percent support ensuring Americans can see the doctor of their choice

75 percent support stopping insurance companies from denying coverage because of a person's health history

69 percent support closing the gap in Medicare's prescription drug coverage known as the doughnut hole

68 percent support limiting insurers from charging much higher premiums because of age

While the House Republican substitute proposal did not address these concerns, and all but one House Republican voted against the Affordable Health Care for America Act that did include these key reforms, majorities of self-identified Republicans support key reform elements in the Affordable Health Care for America Act including:

66 percent support stopping discrimination because of pre-existing conditions

64 percent support covering routine preventive care

64 percent support allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices

Read the full survey>>

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