20,774 Days: Senator Robert Byrd Becomes Longest-Serving Member of Congress

Senator Robert Byrd's remarkable life is defined by service to his state and to his country. Over the course of his momentous career in the House and the Senate, he has not simply witnessed moments of political progress, he has stood at the forefront of legislative achievements that have improved the lives of millions of Americans.

As Congress' foremost scholar on the Constitution, Senator Byrd has used the legislative process to advance the common good. He has spoken truth to power when needed, stood on principle when no one else would, and knew when to compromise when the time came.

I offer my congratulations to Senator Byrd on reaching such an extraordinary milestone today. His name will forever remain etched in the history books for his exceptional accomplishment and courage. For nearly 57 years, he has worked tirelessly for the good of our great nation, while never forgetting the people back home in West Virginia. Long may his voice continue to provide inspiration for all Members of Congress and the American people.

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