Speaker Pelosi Meets With President Nicolas Sarkozy of France

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This afternoon, Speaker Pelosi met with President Nicolas Sarkozy of France. President Sarkozy signing the Speaker’s guest book:

Signing the guestbook

The note:


Speaker Pelosi and President Sarkozy in the Speaker’s office at the Capitol:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Sarkozy

Transcript of their press availability prior to meeting:

Speaker Pelosi: Good afternoon. Once again, it is an honor to welcome the President of the French Republic to the Capitol of the United States. We all remember with great pride his beautiful speech to a joint session of Congress.

We are all reminded there are only two paintings in the chamber of the House of Representatives–one of the father of our country, George Washington, the other of the Marquis de Lafayette. Our friendship goes back a long way, and the President's visit then and now reinforces that friendship.

I look forward to our conversation regarding the security of our countries: whether it relates to stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and the situation in Iran relating to that; our cooperation in Afghanistan; and the issue of regulatory reform and our economic security. I would be interested to hear the President's thinking on that subject. I know he has been a strong leader in that regard as well. And then of course, the issue of climate change, in which France and the European Union have lead the way.

So I am delighted to receive once again, President Sarkozy to the Capitol in friendship and again, with great recollections of his excellent speech to the Congress now almost two and a half years ago when he was a new President of the French Republic.

Mr. President.

President Sarkozy: [Translated from French] I am so happy to be back in the Capitol. Thank you for your kind words about my speech. I, believe you me, I have not forgotten that moment, which was a memorable one in my life.

We will cover the wide range of topics you mentioned. I have much admiration for you, Madam Speaker. It is a great and wonderful symbol that there be a woman Speaker, in this, the world's number one power.

This visit to the United States is very important to me. This afternoon with President Obama, I will be talking about the joint work of France and the United States.

Thank you.

Speaker Pelosi: Thank you.

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