April Marks Largest Job Gain Since March 2006

Posted on by Karina

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released jobs numbers for April showing the US gained 290,000 jobs last month–larger than expected and the largest gain since March 2006. The BLS also revised the previous two months up 121,000 jobs, making April the fourth consecutive month of job growth with 573,000 jobs added since December (84% of which are from the private sector):

Jobs Chart

Over the last three months, we have added an average of 187,000 jobs per month, in stark contrast to the 727,000 average lost per month in the last three months of the Bush Administration.

Despite today's good news, millions of Americans remain out of work and still struggle to make ends meet. Moving forward, the Democratic-led Congress will stay focused on creating good-paying jobs for workers and the middle class, and open the doors of opportunity to all Americans.

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