On the April Jobs Report

Today’s positive jobs report is a sign that our economy is on the right track — with a strong overall number, especially in the private sector. The recovery efforts led by Democrats in Congress are paying dividends for the workers and small business owners on Main Street. While Republicans threaten to take us back to the failed Bush policies that resulted in 8 million lost jobs and nearly doubled the national debt, Democrats will keep working to build a stronger new foundation for our middle-class families and small businesses.”

In the last year, we’ve seen our economy enter the first stages of growth — after an economic recession created by a Republican agenda that put the needs of Wall Street and the special interests ahead of Main Street. Just yesterday, nearly 90 percent of House Republicans voted no on the Home Star jobs bill, which would create nearly 170,000 jobs and bolster the American construction industry — one of our hardest hit sectors. We cannot allow congressional Republicans to return us to an era of devastating job losses, fiscal irresponsibility, and special interests giveaways.

Today's economic news tells a welcome story: more than a half million jobs created since December; tax cuts for 98 percent of America’s families and businesses; and three straight quarters of economic growth.”

But more must be done. There is an urgent need to send Wall Street reform and accountability legislation to President Obama's desk as quickly as possible, and to continue to promote jobs. That is our goal and our promise.

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