New Auto Emission Standards

Today's announcement by the Obama Administration builds on the work of Congress to reduce our dependence on oil and increase our energy security. Every year, we send billions of dollars overseas to countries that are hostile to U.S. interests in order to feed our addiction to oil.

Increasing the fuel efficiency of all vehicles on the road, including trucks and buses, enhances our national security, reduces global warming pollution, and saves families and small businesses money. It will also encourage American entrepreneurship, as innovators race to create the next generation of energy-efficient vehicles. And it will enable consumers to buy technology made in America.

The Administration's efforts will also build upon the American Clean Energy and Security Act, passed by the House last June, which will create clean energy jobs here in America, protect consumers, reduce our dependence on dirty and foreign fuels, and help ensure our national security.

Congress will continue to work with the Obama Administration to secure our clean energy future.

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