Republican Leader on Affordable Care Act: GOP Will ‘Do Everything’ To Stop It

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In an interview published today, House Republican Leader John Boehner tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Congressional Republicans will “do everything” they can to stop historic health insurance reform–including taking away tax cuts small businesses have now, prescription drug donut hole checks some seniors have already received, and protections for children with pre-existing conditions:

If Republicans retake control of the House, Boehner promised a vote on a bill repealing the health care law and replacing it with a scaled-down package of tax breaks and court reforms…

“We are going to do everything we can to make sure that this law and this program never really takes effect,” Boehner said.

The Affordable Care Act that Leader Boehner and Congressional Republicans want so badly to repeal puts Americans–not insurance companies–in control of their health care. Millions of Americans are already benefiting from the new law:

Insurance companies have stopped rescinding coverage of policyholders when they need it most»

Seniors hitting the prescription drug “donut hole” have started receiving their $250 check»

Small businesses are already taking advantage of tax credits that make it more affordable to provide insurance»

Many under 26 years of age have been able to stay on their parents' health plans»

That’s in addition to the new Patient's Bill of Rights the Administration issued regulations for last week which:

Protects your choice of doctors

Removes insurance company barriers to emergency department services

Prohibits insurance plans from denying coverage or limiting benefits for children with pre-existing conditions

Bans arbitrary rescissions of insurance coverage

Prohibits insurance plans from placing lifetime limits on coverage and restricts the annual dollar limits on coverage by insurance plans

And starting today, those employers who offer health coverage to early retirees can begin applying for help with the costs–helping Americans aged 55 to 65, who are too young for Medicare, retain the early retiree coverage from their employer that they so desperately need.

What Leader Boehner isn't telling Americans is that the Republican “repeal and replace” bill would actually take away your benefits:

Affordable Care Act vs. Republican Repeal and Replace

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