Editorials Across the Country: Obstruction By Congressional Republicans Threatens Economic Recovery and Jobs

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Last week, the House passed urgently-needed legislation to extend unemployment benefits for millions of American families–a proven boost to the economy and a much-need lifeline for Americans looking for work in a tough economy. Senate Republicans have repeatedly, and continue to, obstruct job creation and extended unemployment insurance benefits legislation.

The Kansas City Star Editorial — Congress should extend unemployment insurance instead of focusing on politics of spending:

…There are few things Congress can do that will have a more direct and positive effect on lives and the economy than extending unemployment benefits, as virtually every dollar allocated would quickly be spent on living expenses.

Extending unemployment insurance until job prospects improve is the best thing Congress can do for them and for the nascent economic recovery.

Boston Globe Editorial — Extend jobless benefits, and not by trimming stimulus:

Jobless benefits play two critical roles in a struggling economy: They keep working families fed and in their homes until breadwinners can get back to work, and they generate job-creating economic activity to help keep the economy from spiraling further downward.

…job one for Congress when it returns will be to make sure the unemployed keep their benefits…

Decatur Daily Editorial — Senate needs to pass jobless benefits bill:

There is no better way to stimulate the economy than providing money to the unemployed.

Those without income must spend all their money to survive. Consequently, extended unemployment benefits immediately increase consumer demand.

San Jose Mercury News Editorial — Opposition to job creation about politics, not economics:

…Economists almost universally are urging stimulus spending over deficit reduction. That’s not because they’re liberals. It’s because there is no realistic path to long-term deficit reduction without short-term economic growth.

…Since last fall the Senate has spent hundreds of hours negotiating four different unemployment insurance bills, limiting its ability to work on other job-creation measures including tax cuts. The economy has suffered as a result.

…So the strategy has worked — for the GOP. But for the millions who now stand to lose their sole source of income? For the small businesses that may go under as a result? For the national economy as a whole? It’s a disaster.

The Plain Dealer Editorial — Senate wrongly ignores jobless:

…Even the House of Representatives, which for weeks kept trying to package jobless benefits with a slew of other tax cuts and spending provisions, came around this week and passed a clean bill that would simply extend aid through the fall — thus addressing the most immediate need of Americans hit hardest by the recession.

…Getting help to Americans hammered by this recession is an emergency…

The Enterprise Editorial — Quit playing politics on unemployment benefits:

…unemployment benefits are among the most effective of stimulus, because that money gets spent. Weak consumer demand is, after all, a central villain in this lingering downturn. Failing to extend jobless benefits, of course, only aggravates that latter situation. That’s why, in the past, it has been almost automatic…

Contra Costa Times Editorial — Senate must find a way to extend jobless checks:

…While there is a major division in the Senate about more federal spending on state government jobs, there is considerable support for extending jobless benefits beyond 26 weeks as long as unemployment remains so high.

…Without unemployment benefits, they face financial hardship that can lead to more home foreclosures, less consumer spending and a delay in the nation’s economic recovery.

The Denver Post Editorial — Extend benefits for unemployed:

…the consequences of not extending benefits could be more hurtful than helpful.

Given such well-documented evidence of a bleak job market, we think it’s unkind to kill the unemployment extension now.

Congress should find money to help these families a little longer.

Dubuque Telegraph Herald Editorial — Don’t hold the jobless hostage:

…If unemployed Americans lose their benefits now, the struggling economy could suffer another blow.

…struggling American workers should not be held hostage while the Senate sorts out how to deal with a long-term spending problem.

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