Republican Leader John Boehner's Moratorium: Who Would Pay the Price?

Today Republican Leader John Boehner put his mouth where the money is. After a meeting this morning with a bevy of special interest lobbyists, and one day after he called for the repeal of Wall Street reform, he said:

“I think having a moratorium on new federal regulations is a great idea.”

Boehner said the ban would send “a wonderful signal to the private sector that they're going to have some breathing room.”

That's right, instead of standing up for American workers, their families and small businesses who have been burned by Wall Street, Big Banks and Big Oil — Boehner wants to give “breathing room” to the special interests. The Bush-Republican decision to take the referee off the field is what led to the most serious fiscal crisis since the Great Depression.

Which of these proposed federal regulations to protect taxpayers and consumers does Mr. Boehner think is “a great idea” to stop to give “breathing room” to the special interests?

SAFE CRIBS AND BASSINETS FOR CHILDREN: The Commission is proposing a more stringent safety standard for bassinets and cradles that will further reduce the risk of injury associated with these products.

TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING: The establishment of a free, public, website containing full disclosure of all Federal contract award information.

CONSUMER PROTECTIONS FOR AMERICAN AIR TRAVELERS: New action to strengthen the rights of air travelers in the event of oversales, flight cancellations and long delays, and to ensure that passengers have accurate and adequate information to make informed decisions when selecting flights.

We are not going back to the failed policies of the Bush Administration where the special interests and lax oversight wasted our taxpayer dollars and put our economic and family security at risk.

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