New Poll: Americans Support Obama's Economic Policies, Not Failed Bush-Republican Policies

Posted on by Karina

In a blow to Congressional Republicans who have admitted the GOP economic strategy is more of the same failed Bush-Republican policies that got us into this mess, a new National Journal poll shows the American people overwhelmingly support President Obama's economic policies compared to the failed policies of President Bush:

By a 17-point margin, Americans say President Obama's economic policies will do more to improve the country's economic conditions than the policies put in place by former President George W. Bush — 46 percent to 29 percent.

Until all Americans are back to work, more must and will be done on behalf America's middle class and working families, but there is mounting independent evidence that the Recovery Act and other job-creation efforts by President Obama and the Democratic-led Congress are spurring an American economic recovery:

Private Sector Jobs


Manufacturing Jobs

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