John Boehner's Economic Plan Will Return America to Same Failed Bush Era Policies

Posted on by Karina

This morning, House Republican Leader John Boehner outlined his ‘economic plan’ at the City Club of Cleveland–which would return us to the same failed policies of the Bush Administration. Mr. Boehner endorsed proposals to privatize and cut Social Security, cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, protect corporations that ship American jobs overseas, and dismissed regulations that protect consumers and workers. Speaker Pelosi on the address:

Today, House Republican Leader John Boehner did the public a favor by revealing the Republican plan to return to the failed Bush economic policies that produced a deep recession, record deficits, a loss of 8 million jobs and an unprecedented financial crisis. America must continue to move forward in a New Direction, not back to the 'exact same agenda' of the Bush years.

Mr. Boehner reiterated the Republican leadership's opposition to additional regulation of our food supplies — at the very time American consumers face risks of food safety in eggs and meat. Republicans also opposed protecting consumers against the unfair practices of oil companies, insurance companies and Wall Street financial institutions.

Democrats will not allow the scare tactics and empty rhetoric of Leader Boehner and his Republican colleagues to go unanswered. We must keep moving America forward, not back to failed Bush economic policies, which is all Mr. Boehner proposed this morning.

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