America’s Workers Have Long Stood as the Backbone of Our Prosperity as a Nation

On Labor Day, we renew our commitment to strengthening America’s workforce, expanding job opportunities, and fulfilling the goals at the heart of our economic success: a full day’s pay for an honest day’s work, fair treatment in the workplace, and equal opportunity for all.

In the last year, we have worked to move America forward, rebuild and revitalize our economy, and keep American jobs here at home.  We’ve made progress and will continue to promote our ‘Make it in America’ agenda; our businesses and private sector are moving in the right direction.  But there are still too many families struggling to get by and too many workers without a regular paycheck.

America’s workers have long stood as the backbone of our prosperity as a nation.  They are the cornerstones of our middle class; the men and women who make growth and innovation a reality across the country; and the critical threads in the fabric of our economy.  On this Labor Day, we will continue to work on their behalf to create jobs and strengthen our middle class.

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