Why Wait? We Already Know What the GOP’s Radical Agenda Is…

Congressional Republicans, led by GOP Leader John Boehner, plan to unveil their agenda in late September, but as Politico points out today: “there are few authentically original or viable ideas.” In fact, Mr. Boehner has promised “new policy prescriptions twice, only to unveil familiar plans.”

Why wait? Americans already know what House Republicans stand for: a promise to take America back to the exact same failed Bush policies that created the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and nearly doubled the national debt.

We know the GOP agenda will:

Blow up the deficit – adding $700 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years to give tax cuts to the richest 2 percent of Americans

Kill American jobs – by halting projects underway and withholding unspent Recovery Act funds and repealing legislation that would close tax loopholes to prevent good-paying jobs from being shipped overseas

Privatize and cut Social Security for America’s seniors - cutting benefits and jeopardizing the retirement security for American workers

Put insurance companies back in charge of your health care and ending new protections for Americans

Repeal tough Wall Street reform – subjecting consumers again to the recklessness of Wall Street executives — whose actions led to a meltdown that cost 8 million jobs and $17 trillion in household wealth

Shutdown the Federal Government – “There’s going to be a government shutdown, just like in ’95 and ’96 but we’re going to win it this time…”

However, as a GOP lobbyist stated, the real goal of the Republican party “would be to make [this] a one-term presidency.”

As President Obama said yesterday in Ohio:

“…I recognize that most of the Republicans in Congress have said no to just about every policy I’ve proposed since taking office. I realize in some cases that there are genuine philosophical differences.  But on issues like this one — a tax cut for small businesses supported by the Chamber of Commerce — the only reason they’re holding this up is politics, pure and simple…”

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