Leader Boehner Reiterates False Claim That Recovery Act Did Not Create Jobs

Republicans have continued to falsely claim that the Recovery Act “failed” in numerous television ads this year, even after an analysis by the non-partisan concludes that “more people would be unemployed if not for the stimulus bill.”

This afternoon in Ohio, House Republican Leader John Boehner continued to reiterate his tired talking point that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has not created jobs saying:

They promised all the spending would ‘stimulate’ the economy and create jobs right away…It didn’t happen.

There is overwhelming evidence from economists and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office showing that the Recovery Act is responsible for raising the GDP, lowering the unemployment rate, and increasing the number of people employed. Chief Economist for Moody’s Analytics, Mark Zandi, has also refuted Mr. Boehner’s claim about the impact of the Recovery Act on the economy.

Maybe Mr. Boehner forgot about the jobs that the Recovery Act created in his home state of Ohio, which are estimated to total 117,000 so far, according to a report by the Council of Economic Advisors. From Ohio newspapers:
The Morning Journal (Ohio):

Within Ohio, as of Sept. 21, a total of 7,800 projects were awarded $7.87 billion. With stimulus money, almost 25,896 jobs were funded.

The Morning Journal (Ohio) – Ohio sixth in education stimulus funds received:

…the state’s Department of Education was the sixth highest recipient of stimulus funds through June.

…Title I money is meant to provide funding to districts deemed to be at an economic disadvantage so they can initiate building projects, as well as hire teachers, tutors, social workers, administrators and curriculum coaches. Through June, the grants had created 2,000 jobs throughout schools in the state.

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) – 9,500 construction jobs linked to stimulus bill:

Nearly 9,500 construction workers across the state had jobs on transportation projects funded by the federal stimulus package in July, the highest monthly total since stimulus-paid work began, the state said yesterday.

And while every Republican Member of the House voted against the Recovery Act, many of them continue to return home to their districts to participate in ribbon-cutting events and tout its success.

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