Secret Money, Not So Secret Agenda

Secret money from corporate special interests – that favor shipping American jobs overseas, turning Social Security over to Wall Street and turning Medicare over to the insurance companies – is funding the not-so-secret Republican agenda.

Bruce Josten, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, defended the secret money on MSNBC this morning:

Chuck Todd, MSNBC: Are you guys eventually going to disclose?

Bruce Josten: No! […]

Chuck Todd: So your donors are afraid of a public backlash?

Bruce Josten: Absolutely.

What does the avalanche of secret cash seek to influence? This is the Republican agenda the ads support:

Protecting big multi-national corporations’ ability to ship good-paying American jobs overseas

Handing Social Security over to the whims of Wall Street executives and Big Banks

Handing Medicare over to insurance companies and repealing the Patient’s Bill of Rights

Letting Wall Street and Big Banks once again engage in reckless practices that destroy Americans’ savings and retirement by repealing common sense rules that rein in reckless behavior

Fighting fair pay laws such as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Putting banks back in the middle of student loans to drive up loan rates again

House Republicans voted against the DISCLOSE Act, legislation to require disclosure of donations in the wake of the Supreme Court decision earlier this year opening up American elections to unlimited corporate funding, and Senate Republicans blocked it from coming to a vote.

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