More than 7 in 10 Americans Concerned About Shadowy Front Groups That Do Not Disclose Donors

According to a new NBC/WSJ poll released this week:

By a 46-point margin, Americans say they are concerned about outside groups that are running ads funded by secret donors (72% to 26%).

Nearly seven in 10 Americans – 68% to 22% – say Congressional Republicans are more concerned about large corporations than about the interests of average Americans.

By a 50-point margin, more Americans are concerned that outside groups running ads care only about their own agenda (74% to 24%).

By a 46-point margin, more Americans are concerned that candidates helped by these ads will be beholden to outside groups funded by secret donors running them (71% to 25%).

By a 44-point margin, more Americans believe that political ads from outside groups make a negative contribution to the election (55% to 11%).

Americans say Democrats are more concerned about the interests of average Americans than large corporations (44% to 41%) – a 10 point improvement from the spring.

House Republicans voted against the DISCLOSE Act and Senate Republicans blocked it. The House passed this critical legislation because as millions of Americans struggle in this economy, the rich and powerful special interests should not be able to drown out the voices of citizens.

Shadowy front groups headed up by Republican operatives and funded by secret corporate donors are supporting Republicans and their special interest agendashipping good-paying American jobs overseas, turning Social Security over to Wall Street, and turning Medicare over to the insurance companies.

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