Reps. Walz & Doggett Condemn President Bush’s Veto

Posted on by Jesse Lee

This morning, moments after a message with the President's veto of the Iraq Accountability Act was delivered on the House floor, Reps. Tim Walz (MN-01) and Lloyd Doggett (TX-25) spoke against it in one-minute speeches:

Rep. Walz:
“Yesterday the President vetoed only the second bill that has ever come to his desk. He called it ‘a prescription for chaos and confusion.’ I ask, how is that different from what we have now?”
Rep. Doggett:
“Mr. Speaker, the President can veto our plan for a safe, orderly phased redeployment from Iraq, but he cannot veto reality. Our troops are coming home, it’s just a question of how much blood and money will be spent before they do. If the President had listened to the generals, we would never have invaded Iraq in the first place…”
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