On the Passing of Robert Sargent Shriver Jr.

Sargent Shriver’s life and career are a profile in public service, a story of dedication to our nation, fidelity to our values, and commitment to strong American leadership across the globe. He marched for peace at home and served in a war abroad. He was a political activist and organizer, helping to rally a generation behind a president and a New Frontier. As the first Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, he promoted a vision of prosperity for the American people; as Ambassador to France, he served as a messenger of friendship overseas.

Perhaps nowhere is Sargent Shriver’s impact greater than in the work, passion, and voices of our Peace Corps volunteers. He was the driving force behind the initiative, and its leader from the outset – always holding faith in the power and promise of young Americans to be our most effective ambassadors for hope and goodwill worldwide. In championing the Peace Corps, Sargent Shriver did not simply advocate investment in distant communities; he strengthened our nation and advanced the cause of freedom and opportunity for all.

Sargent Shriver is now reunited with his devoted wife of more than half a century, Eunice. We offer our condolences to his children and grandchildren. And we hope that it is a comfort to the Shriver and Kennedy families that so many share their grief and pray for them during this sad time.

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