Another Poll Finds Congress Should Focus on Jobs

Three weeks into the 112th Congress, Americans are still waiting for the GOP to bring a jobs bill to the floor. Democrats remain ready to work with the GOP on job creation and every effort will be measured by whether it creates jobs, strengthens the middle class, and reduces the deficit.

From the New York Times – Poll: Congress’s Top Focus Should Be Job Creation:

Even though Congress’s first order of business under Republican control was yesterday’s vote to repeal the health care law, most Americans say that they do not understand how the law affects them, and the public thinks job creation rather than health care should be the top priority for Congress, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll…

On the whole, more than 4 in 10 Americans say jobs should be the primary focus of the new Congress, while significantly fewer chose health care (18 percent), the federal budget deficit (14 percent), the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (12 percent) or illegal immigration (7 percent).

Republicans spent this week ignoring Americans’ top priority – choosing to bring a bill to the floor that repeals patients’ rights and puts insurance companies back in charge. And next week the GOP will rush to the floor a one-page “Budgetless Resolution” that contains no numbers and no specifics, ignores job creation, and provides no serious plan to reduce the deficit.

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