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At 1pm EST today, Leader Pelosi and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee will hold a hearing on creating jobs now in America to rebuild our nation – improving schools, hospitals, highways, ports, and other transportation facilities critical to manufacturing and trade. Watch the hearing live now on C-SPAN 3»

Leader Pelosi on the hearing:

The top priority of Democrats in Congress is creating jobs. By working together with the private sector, we can create jobs today while rebuilding our nation by investing in America: rebuilding our bridges and modernizing our schools, deploying broadband and harnessing the power of renewable energy. In doing so, America can continue to lead the world in innovation and Americans can share a broad-based prosperity.

Panel 1:
The Honorable Martin O’Malley – Governor, State of Maryland

Previously a member of the Baltimore City Council and Mayor of Baltimore City, Governor O’Malley has always sought to strengthen and grow the state’s business environment. Recently he announced the launch of “Business in Maryland Made Easy,” an economic development initiative and part of ongoing efforts to improve the conditions that allow businesses to grow and create jobs. This program includes specific strategies for state agencies to help improve Maryland’s business environment by streamlining processes, simplifying regulations, and improving communication. In making the announcement, Governor O’Malley outlined recently adopted improvements to the State Highway Administration’s access permit review. He introduced members of the newly formed Maryland Small Business Commission and charged them with identifying other permitting, licensing and regulatory areas for review.

Panel 2:
The Honorable Michael Nutter – Mayor, City of Philadelphia

As the 98th mayor of America’s sixth largest city, Mayor Nutter has made growing the regional economy in a sustainable manner and investing in education and workforce development his primary goals. His initiatives include Greenworks Philadelphia, a job program that trains Philadelphians for the new green collar jobs and reduces the city’s carbon footprint. Mayor Nutter has also reoriented city government to better address future development along the Delaware River, the Navy Yard and Philadelphia International Airport. He has reorganized the city’s Commerce Department to improve its assistance to small businesses and to foster minority- and women-owned business.

Andrew Herrmann – President-Elect, American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE)

Mr. Herrmann is a partner of Hardesty & Hanover, LLP, Consulting Engineers, and serves as partner-in-charge of many of the firm’s bridge projects. During his 35 years with the firm, Mr. Herrmann has been responsible for the design, inspection, rehabilitation, construction support, analysis, and rating of fixed and movable bridges, highways, railroads, and major transportation projects. He chaired the Advisory Council for the 2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and is ASCE’s President-Elect.

Dr. William R. Buechner – Vice President for Economics and Research, American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)

Mr. Buechner is responsible for managing the association’s program of research and analyses on industry trends, the economic impact of industry operations and current and pending legislation and regulations. Prior to joining ARTBA, Dr. Buechner was a senior economist for 21 years on the staff of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, where he worked with members of Congress on a broad range of economic policy issues, including budget issues, Federal Reserve interest rate policies, Federal infrastructure policies, labor force and job training issues, and government regulation. He wrote numerous studies and reports for the Committee, helped Committee members prepare and manage legislation, and developed computerized databases of economic information for use by Committee members and staff.

Susan Monteverde –Vice President for Government Relations, American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA)

Ms. Monteverde is responsible for planning, developing and conducting the legislative and regulatory affairs program of AAPA, an alliance of over 140 ports in the global transportation system. In her role, Ms. Monteverde works to advocate and implement policies that strengthen and expand economic opportunities for its member ports. Prior to joining AAPA, Ms. Monteverde was Department Head for Environmental and Public Affairs for the American Chemical Society and worked in the government affairs operation of the National Solid Waste Management Association and the Miller Brewing Company.

Damon A. Silvers – Director of Policy and Special Counsel, AFL-CIO

Mr. Silvers is the Deputy Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP. Mr. Silvers was the Chair of the Competition Subcommittee of the United States Treasury Department Advisory Committee on the Auditing Profession and a member of the United States Treasury Department Investor’s Practice Committee of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. He is also a member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Standing Advisory Group and the Financial Accounting Standards Board User Advisory Council.

Rebuilding America is a bipartisan priority with Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA) testifying at an Education and Workforce hearing last week, “…infrastructure investment is critical… Infrastructure investments…are something that’s a top need for states and for our nation.” Despite that, Senate Republicans are wasting time voting to repeal patients’ rights today instead of focusing on the FAA Jobs bill – just like their Republican colleagues in the House:

4: Number of weeks the GOP has controlled the House

0: Number of bills GOP has brought to the House floor to create jobs

2: # of times House GOP has tried to take credit for positive economic news

While our economy is moving in the right direction, we need to do more. Today’s hearing will emphasize urgent actions that the 112th Congress should take to create jobs and engage the private sector in rebuilding America.

Watch the hearing live at 1pm EST on C-SPAN 3»

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