Reps. Blumenauer & Andrews on the Budget

Posted on by Jesse Lee

During a House debate on a Republican Motion to Instruct Conferees on the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget, Reps. Earl Blumenauer and Rob Andrews explain the distinction between the Democratic and Republican approaches:

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03):
“I find no small amount of irony to hear my good friend from Wisconsin talking about how he’s proven it’s possible to have a unified budget surplus when for 12 consecutive years of ironclad Republican control, when they wrote all the fiscal rules, wrote the budgets, wrote the tax policy… I invite anybody to look at what the now-minority proved that they could do. It is a pretty sorry record of fiscal irresponsibility.”
Rep. Rob Andrews

“Mr. Speaker, it is not surprising to me why there is such disorientation from the erstwhile majority about the budget resolution that will be going to conference. It is because it contains a principle that they don’t understand, which is called ‘deficit reduction.’ The erstwhile majority made a living out of borrowing money, spending more, taxing less, borrowing more. Spending more, taxing less, borrowing more…”
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