New Poll: Americans Don’t Support Irresponsible GOP “So Be It” Cuts

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A new poll released last night by NBC/WSJ finds the American people don’t support the GOP’s “So Be It” spending bill that destroys jobs and weakens the middle class. According to the poll, Americans are concerned about how these irresponsible Republican cuts will impact them and their families:

…two-thirds of independents, seniors, 18- to 34-year-olds and suburban women say they are concerned that major cuts to government spending could impact them and their families. Roughly half of Republicans, McCain voters and Tea Party supporters express the same concern.

The poll finds Congress should prioritize creating jobs and stop subsidizing big oil:

What issue should be the top priority for the government?

37 percent say job creation and economic growth (#1)
22 percent say the deficit and government spending (#2)

What cuts do Americans support?

74 percent support eliminating tax credits for Big Oil and Gas companies
68 percent support phasing out the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 a year

Despite strong support, House Republicans haven’t brought a single job creation bill to the House floor for the eight weeks they’ve been in charge and when given an opportunity by House Democrats this week to end to taxpayer-funded subsidies to large oil companies, 0 House Republicans voted aye. Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the poll with Democratic pollster Peter Hart, offers an explanation as to why Republicans in Congress aren’t listening to the American people:

“It may be hard to understand why a person might jump off a cliff, unless you understand they’re being chased by a tiger,” he said. “That tiger is the Tea Party.”

And CNBC’s John Harwood analyzes that Congressional Republicans could face a backlash as their cuts are clearly out of step with the priorities of families across the country:

Congressional Republicans face a serious risk of political backlash from pressing their budget-cutting agenda at a time when Americans are more concerned about jobs, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll has found…

By 54 percent to 18 percent, Americans say cuts in Medicare are not necessary to curb the deficit. By 49 percent to 22 percent, they say cuts in Social Security are not needed.

The poll shows Democrats on solid ground on other budget hot-buttons. Some 56 percent call cuts in the Head Start programs “mostly” or “totally unacceptable”; 77 percent say that of cuts to primary and secondary education.

Democrats are committed to fiscal responsibility and to ensuring government lives within its means–enacting $41 billion in responsible cuts to help get our fiscal house in order last December (with the support of just one Republican). We now have two weeks to work together to make responsible cuts and keep the government running, and the Republicans have a choice: will they continue their assault on America’s economy or join Democrats to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and responsibly reduce the deficit?

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