GOP in the Jungle

Despite poll after poll showing the American people just don’t support the GOP’s “So Be It” spending bill that destroys 700,000 jobs and threatens our economic recovery, Republicans are pushing ahead:

From Reuters, Tea Party pressures Boehner in US budget battle:

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner is under pressure from fiscal conservatives in his own party to push steep spending cuts, with a Tea Party stalwart likening the Ohio Republican to “a fool” for not taking a sharper knife to public programs…

“He’s riding a tiger,” said Republican Representative Jeff Flake. “It’s tough. There’s a lot of impatience out there.”

Hmm. Wonder if that is the same tiger that Republican pollster Bill McInturff thinks is chasing the GOP off a cliff for focusing on deeply unpopular and harmful spending cuts:

“It may be hard to understand why a person might jump off a cliff, unless you understand they’re being chased by a tiger,” he said. “That tiger is the Tea Party.”

Will Republicans continue down this dangerous path or will they work with Democrats to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and responsibly reducing the deficit? From Bloomberg, House Republicans Fight Compromise After Budget Defeat:

House Republican freshmen are urging their leaders to resist compromising on spending cuts after the Senate defeated the party’s plan to cut $61 billion from the federal budget this year.

The party should stand behind its plan even if a failure to pass a bipartisan bill results in a government shutdown, Republican Representative Allen West of Florida said yesterday.

“Anything less than that is a heinous violation of the trust of the American people,” said West, who won his first term in November with Tea Party support…

“We’re facing a record $1.6 trillion debt. The cuts that we’re asking for are $100 billion,” Representative Scott DesJarlais, a Republican from Tennessee, said last week. “If the government were to shut down, I don’t think it’s because we asked too much. I’m willing to hold firm.”

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