WARNING: Turbulence Ahead

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Today, House Republicans are bringing the GOP FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011, aka the FAA Job Loss Bill, to the floor—despite the fact that it will destroy 70,000 jobs and harm middle class Americans. The facts are clear:

H.R. 658 destroys American jobs, with $4 billion in cuts that will have dire consequences for our nation’s infrastructure, jobs, and economy. The aviation industry accounts for nearly 11 million American jobs, and 1.2 trillion in annual economic activity. Even the FAA Administrator under President George W. Bush, Marion Blakey stated that “the prospect is really devastating to jobs and to our future, if we really have to roll back [to 2008 levels] and stop NextGen in its tracks.”

H.R. 658 cuts the Airport Improvement grants for runway maintenance and safety enhancements by almost $2 billion, costing us 70,000 jobs—especially hurting small airports. In stark contrast, the bipartisan Senate-passed bill adds tens of thousands of jobs. See state cuts in airport improvement grants»

H.R. 658 leads to a reduction in safety personnel and delay important air safety initiatives—a bad choice for the flying public as highlighted by the recent Reagan National incident.

H.R. 658 eliminates Essential Air Service for 110 rural communities needed to connect them with the global commerce, support local jobs, and spur economic growth. See communities impacted»

H.R. 658 continues the assault on American workers, collective bargaining, and the middle class to workers in the aviation and railroad sectors, the bill overturns a rule for union elections, which as with other elections, calls for a majority of votes cast to win. Read the Obama Administration’s opposition to this provision»

Reps. LaTourette (R-OH) and Costello (D-IL) had an amendment made in order to strike the bill’s provision attacking workers’ rights—an amendment supported by the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace, AFL-CIO, United Steelworkers, and UAW.

The debate on this legislation will start around 1:30pm EST, watch the debate on»

Learn more about the bill»

Read the bill»

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