To: Congressional Republicans
Fr: Democratic Leader’s Press Office
Da: April 12, 2011
Re: Ending Medicare to Give Billions in Tax Breaks to Big Oil Just Won’t Cut it with the American People

As you approach 100 days of control in the House, it’s easy for your leaders to hide behind worn-out Republican rhetoric in an attempt to defend the Ryan “Road to Ruin” budget than ends Medicare in order to give away billions in tax breaks to Big Oil, corporations that ship jobs overseas and the wealthiest Americans.

The budget is about priorities, Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor, and you have made Republican priorities quite clear in the GOP “Road to Ruin” Budget:

You end Medicare while giving Big Oil tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks.

You slash health support for seniors in nursing homes while rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas with tax cuts.

You cut education for children and increase college costs while making tax cuts for the wealthiest permanent, adding $1 trillion to the deficit.

And perhaps you are in need of a refresher about just what the American people want:

America’s top priority is job creation. Instead of bringing a single bill to the House floor to create jobs, you have already passed 3 bills that will destroy 1 million jobs.

While your “Road to Ruin Budget” ends Medicare, Americans by a 2 to 1 margin and 66 percent of seniors support only minor changes or none at all to Medicare. [USA Today, 4/12 and Wall Street Journal, 4/7]

59 percent of Americans agree the wealthiest Americans should pay higher taxes, but you decided to compensate the wealthy with tax breaks in the “Road to Ruin” Budget. [USA Today, 4/12]

Nearly half of Americans (48 percent) would describe the Republican Party “extremist” rather than “mainstream” (40 percent). [PPP Poll, 4/12]

You scheduled another vote to strip funding for Planned Parenthood—a critical resource for women’s health—even though 65 percent of Americans say the federal government should continue to provide funding. [CNN, 4/11]

You scheduled another vote to repeal patients’ rights by defunding the Affordable Care Act while 58 percent of Americans support the continued implementation of the health care reform legislation passed last year. [CNN, 4/11]

71 percent of Americans say the federal government should continue funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and enforcement of clean air regulations while you fight to dismantle the EPA. [CNN, 4/11]

Your budget is unfair to the middle class, seniors and children and the wrong choice for American families. The issue is not whether we reduce the deficit, but how we do so. Democrats are committed to reducing the deficit in a responsible way, while creating jobs and strengthening the middle class.

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