Americans ‘Boooo’ GOP Budget that Ends Medicare as We Know It and Delivers Tax Breaks to Wealthy

The Republican budget is out of touch with the priorities of the American people and at odds with our nation’s values. It ends Medicare as we know it in order to deliver tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, Big Oil, and corporations that ship jobs overseas and jeopardizes our country’s future and prosperity.

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll shows more than 7 in 10 Americans support raising taxes on those earning more than $250,000 a year as a method of addressing our deficit.

But Congressional Republicans aren’t listening. Earlier this week GOP Budget Chairman Paul Ryan was booed at a local town hall meeting in Wisconsin as he defended his budget’s plan to deliver tax breaks to the wealthiest few.

From MarketWatch’s Rex Nutter:

The biggest government programs —- such as public education, Medicare and Social Security — were established not to satisfy some liberal itch for Big Government, but rather to meet real needs of the people that weren’t being achieved by the workings of the free market.

The government stepped in where the private sector couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Before public schools, most Americans were illiterate. Before Social Security, most Americans could never afford to retire and, by necessity, “they worked so hard that they died standing up.” Before Medicare, many elderly Americans suffered in pain and without dignity for want of a pill, of an operation, of a caring hand.

Yes, there are government programs that don’t work, programs that should be reformed or abolished…
But it is a lie to suggest that America can no longer afford to educate its young, or care for its old. America is the richest nation ever known and it is getting more productive every year. What took an hour’s worth of labor to build in 1950 can now be built in 15 minutes. In 50 years, it’ll take just 6 minutes…

We’re on the path to once-unimaginable prosperity, but Republicans want to turn their backs on that. The Ryan budget plan would shrink non-entitlement federal spending to the smallest share of the economy since the 1920s. And other anti-government crusaders want to do the same thing at the state and local level of government…

Boehner and the Republicans say it’s just a spending problem. But what spending do YOU think wouldn’t be missed? Education? Social Security? Health care? Police? Roads? Clean water? Each of those programs could undoubtedly be made more efficient, but there isn’t one major spending category that could be cut to the bone without having a major impact on the lives of all Americans.
Slashing that spending would make us all poorer.

Democrats want to work in a bipartisan way to responsibly reduce the deficit. The question is: are Republicans serious about working with us to reduce the deficit or are they going to pursue the same failed policies of the past that put the special interests before the interests of the American people?

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